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Health & Beauty 
Coaching Program for Women
Bond with women like you who dream big, walk the talk,
dare to risk, make things happen, and are 100% authentic.
YOU Too Can Be Healthy & Fit!! 
Would you like to detox, get healthy and fit? Would you like to experience a total reset? Shh... They don't want your to know this...
Here's the step-by-step coaching program brought to you by a Polish model, celebrity coach and bestselling author, who lost 83lbs from inside out in just a few months, cured cancer, got healthy and found her beauty... 
"Cleansing my body, my mind and my relationships has healed me from a 13,5 cm ovarian cancer. I have connected with my soul and with my 'inner child'. Today, I am excited to lead others through this deep transformational process."



Want To See What's Possible When You Cleanse?
What if You Reclaim Your Beauty, Get Healthy & Rejuvenate? 
What Will Become Possible To You?
"My journey started the day I realized in my medical records I was referred to as “morbidly obese”. Something about those words... Since then I have been on so many yo-yo diets always ending in disaster, making me feel like a failure. In this program, i started to detox and already in my first three days, I lost a total of 12 lbs. 
I continued on with the program and went completely vegan. I am now down 55 pounds and as you can see in my picture I have a waist now and my favorite capri pants no longer fit tightly. My face has lost all that weight and my skin is clear now! 
I’m doing it!!!!" 

What if you take charge of your health?
Meet Kathy from Washington, US, who lost 50lbs. 
Her doctor is amazed her inflammation is down by half!
What If You Learn How To Detox And Cleanse
with Ease, Joy & Glory?
Audio Testimonial of Kyra M, San Diego, CA
Health Journalist & Wellness Expert
For the first half of her life, she was an overweight, depressed, sad woman with acne on her face and body. She was unhappily married and her self-expression was stifled by the shame and shadow of sexual trauma experienced in childhood. In 2000, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and instead of seeing it as a death sentence, saw it as a wake-up call for transformation. 

She healed herself naturally by following a strict detox protocol of intermittent fasting, a high carb raw vegan diet and conscious awakening. She lost 83lbs in just a few months; became a swim-suit model and a wellness guru. She ventured into Soulwork Systemic Coaching, BrainWaves™ Fitness, Taoist Sacred Sexuality, and the Internet to help millions of other women across the world.

Today, La Belle Intelligence is a transformational force, a CEO & Founder of Alpha Female House, a celebrity coach, public speaker and bestselling author of 'The Bliss of Cancer', 'Badass Detox' and 'Viva La Cleanse'. She inspires women to invest in their health and education, be fearlessly authentic, divinely feminine and to see feminine intelligence as their strongest asset. 

She is a former TV reporter, and contributor to Cosmopolitan and Newsweek. You may know her from the American documentary 'Hungry for Change' and 'Food Heals' Podcast.
How Does It Get Even Better?
Wanna Be Girlfriends?
"...My experience has been profoundly life changing! It over delivered on my expectations! Thanks to this program I am no longer on a wheel chair. I am walking and I have so much energy!!! Thank you  for sharing your exclusively honest and bold approach! 


Love Your Body & Be Amazed
How Your Body Loves You Back!
"Wow! I feel sexy!! I lost 7lbs in seven days, and everybody is telling me I am glowing! I have energy like never and I am not hungry for the food I used to eat before. Also, my skin is clear. What else is possible?" 
- Moriah Diamond, Maui, HI
"Thank you! I did your program. 
I cleansed, lost weight, and healed my knee. At age 44, I never felt better. I found a beautiful partner and we just got engaged!!" 
- Eva Walesiak, Sydney
"This is the dress I was wearing before. The one on the left. I went six sizes down in just 7 days. I feel sexy, and I have a younger boyfriend. He can't keep up with me." 
- Mary A. Mahoney, Boston, MA
Are You Ready?
How Much Fun Are You Gonna Have, Girl?!
"The cleanse program changed the way 
I live my life, changed the way I eat and think. Life is a lot more lighter and joyful. 
I return to it frequently to raise my vibration and experience more clarity, vision and be ecstatically alive."


"Hi there, I just did the cleanse. I feel great. I really feel great. I didn't really need to lose weight, but I did anyways. I am not longer depressed like I was. Depression? What is depression!? I have lots of energy!"


Women Unite Across The World!
From Warsaw to Sydney. From India to Poland.
We Connect. We Network. We Inspire.
Sisterhood of Women On Healthy Lifestyle
Celebrate Body Love, Health & Beauty!
What Big Pharma, Fake News Media & Corporations
Do Not Want You To Know!
See What Blocks You From Gettin Healthy, Shedding Pounds 
& Gaining Unstoppable Confidence...
Reconnect With Your Inner Child. 
Discover Your Feminine Powers
Are You Hungry for Change?
Are You Thrilled with the New Possibility?
Experience Rejuvenation
What if you reverse time and defy science?
What if age is just a number?
Meet Victoria Purdy, who lost 84lbs.
On the left - age 40. On the right - age 45.
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